TellTheBell – Win $500 Gift Card – Take Taco Bell Survey

TellTheBell – One of the world’s largest restaurant networks, “TellTheBell,” is in charge of Taco Bell’s customer satisfaction survey. Under specific conditions, the business allowed the general public to participate in this poll. Anyone residing in the United States or Canada who takes part in this survey has a chance to win $500 or other great prizes.


TellTheBell - Win $500 Gift Card - Take Taco Bell Survey

TellTheBell – Take Taco Bell Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback about the restaurant as a whole, including the service, food, and overall experience. Improving client service and satisfaction is the company’s top priority. Through the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey, customers have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about the quality of Taco Bell’s services, food, and overall experience. They may also enter to win amazing cash prizes.

Rewards & Coupons

All that’s required to be entered to win some incredible prizes is to take part in the TellTheBell survey. A reward for your efforts might be unfettered access to the website’s free items area.  This website allows users to book certain time periods. All players must register for the contest and then take part in the TellTheBell survey in order to be eligible for the free video slot play offer.

Simply by entering the Tellthebell contest, one fortunate winner will be awarded $500. There are thirteen separate days each year when the public can enter the Tell the Bell Sweepstakes. Out of all the entries, four winners will be selected at random. The four winners will be announced to the participants. There are twelve separate entry periods each year, from which 1,222 possible winners are chosen.

TellTheBell - Win $500 Gift Card - Take Taco Bell Survey

Rules & Regulations

  • To participate in the TellTheBell Sweepstakes, you must be a legal resident of the US or one of its territories.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to take part in the TellTheBell Survey.
  • No Taco Bell executive, manager, or worker may take part in the TellTheBell Survey in any capacity. It should be noted that the TellTheBell and Taco Bell Sweepstakes do not let participants’ immediate family members participate. An individual’s immediate family members are encompassed inside this category.
  • Making a purchase at Taco Bell does not automatically enter you for a chance to win the TellTheBell.
  • It is not allowed to trade or transfer your survey rewards.
  • Each survey participant is only eligible to win one prize.

How to Take Taco Bell Survey?

Please read the TellTheBell Survey guidelines carefully before you begin:

#1. Any time you visit any Taco Bell location, you may participate in the online action by purchasing an item.

#2. Remember to bring your receipt from Taco Bell.

#3. The official website of Taco Bell, TellTheBell or, is where you can find the survey.

#4. When you next visit Taco Bell, be sure to include your 16-digit survey code along with the time and date.

TellTheBell - Win $500 Gift Card - Take Taco Bell Survey

#5. You will be presented with a TellTheBell quiz once you have input the data mentioned above. It is essential that you provide truthful responses to all survey questions.

#6. You can get a validation number at the end of the survey on the official site; simply bring it with you to your next visit to Taco Bell to redeem it.

Survey on Tell-The-Bell by Mail:-

Here are the procedures to take when sending in your Taco Bell survey:

  1. Following this strategy will eliminate the need for you to visit Taco Bell.
  2. A 3×5 card is a classy way to include your name, number, address, and email.
  3. Send the completed entry form to the sweepstakes website.

TellTheBell Customer Support

Taco Bell customer service number: 1 (800) 822-6235

Reference Links:

  • Taco Bell Official Website:
  • Taco Bell official Survey Website:

Taco Bell Headquarters: 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618


TellTheBell Survey Details

Survey NameTellTheBell
Company NameTaco Bell
Available LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
Survey RewardChance to win $500 cash (4 winners per month)
Purchase Required?No
Receipt Valid ForUnlimited days after purchase
Survey LengthApprox 3-5 minutes
Entry Limit1 per person per month
Entry MethodOnline survey or mail-in
Eligibility18+, USA

About TellTheBell

Tасо Bell is the name of this fast-food chain that is headquartered in California, USA. Glen Sell opened the restaurant in 1948, when he was just 25 years old. His hot dog stand was located close to the current Sell’s Drive. Incredible as it may seem, Taco Bell has started a poll named TellTheBell to find out more about its consumers’ desires and needs.

Several tasty alternatives are available at Taco Bell. We’re launching the TellTheBell Survey to find out what you think of these tasty meals and how we can make them better. Customer service and delicious food have been Taco Bell’s forte since the chain’s founding in 1962.

TellTheBell - Win $500 Gift Card - Take Taco Bell Survey


This Taco Bell has maintained its stellar reputation for quality and flavor since it first opened. This online poll is a great example of Taco Bell’s dedication to its consumers. Taco Bell has gone to great lengths to prove its dominance, and this study is just one example.

TellTheBell FAQs

  • Why is it important to provide information about your home in the official Tell the Bell poll from Taco Bell?

If you are lucky enough to win the Tell the Bell contest—an extremely unlikely occurrence—Taco Bell will request personal information from you. After 20 days of waiting for a reply, the tell-the-bell award will be considered invalid.

  • Is the Taco Bell app limited to the features that first piqued your interest?

When you’re ready to pay, select your delivery method to get your Taco Bell. You can quickly track the progress of your purchase using the app as the time for delivery or pickup approaches. The more points you gain from purchases, the more tacos you may unlock. Use the app’s exclusive offers and discounts to your advantage.